sobota, 7 września 2019

NetSurf 3.10dev

* Updated to newest sources.
 * Integrated AmiSSL 4.3 for https support. Note: make sure you have current time and local region set on your WB.
  * Enabled very basic JavaScript support (default is off).


2 komentarze:

  1. 1. Can you please re-add Italian keymap (à è ì ò ù etc.)?
    2. There are some dangerous MuForce/Enforcer/WinUAEEnforcer hits: illegal read/writes to $00000009. Would be great if you can fix them…
    3. download path fails all the time...

  2. 1.I have not removed italian keymap. When was it last working ?
    3.With builtin downloader? Make sure you have '/' at the end of path.