środa, 21 marca 2018

NetSurf 3.7

NetSurf on Amiga with Vampire500 accelerator streaming from YouTube


    * Improved jpeg loading time even more (thanks to Henryk Richter's optims to libjpeg)
      * Added YouTube streaming of 3gp files though ffplay (needs to be in C: and CLI must support long names).
     * Faster jpeg loading by 40%.
     * Updated to newest sources.
     * FIX: Some options from General tab were't saved.
     * Enable auto update in AGA version
     * FIX: 'Keep history for' option wasn't saved.
     * Don't overwrite existing files on download
     * Revert libcurl update as it makes unstable connections
     * Core: Add support for the CSS3 box-sizing property.
     * Update libssl, libexpat, libiconv.
     * fix cda.pl
     * fix console error when downloading
     * fix modules.pl not playing on some systems 
06.05.2017 (r24)
     * reduce cpu usage by 7-10mips  
     * hide annoying console windows when playing modules.pl mods
26.03.2017 (r22)
     * fixed and improved youtube playback.
       > Better video quality (uses ffmpeg now),
       > shorter conversion time
       * New API key needed from cloudconvert.com *
18.03.2017 (r21)
     * fixed cda.pl playback
17.03.2017 (Dev 20)
     * fixed youtube playback
10.03.2017 (r01 - 19)
     * NEW autoupdate
     * NEW youtube streaming
     * NEW information about convertion status
     * faster htpps loading with asm optimised  libssl (Chris Young)
     * fix compatability on FPU systems

niedziela, 17 września 2017

GrafX2 2.5WIP

GrafX2 is a bitmap paint program inspired by the Amiga programs Deluxe Paint and Brilliance. Specialized in 256-color drawing, it includes a very large number of tools and effects that make it particularly suitable for pixel art, game graphics, and generally any detailed graphics painted with a mouse. The program is mostly developed on Linux and Windows, but is also portable on many other platforms.

Grab here (RTG)

piątek, 1 lipca 2016

NetSurf 3.6

NetSurf on Amiga with Vampire500 accelerator with Gold 2 WIP core

Update 20.12.2016
     * fixed youtube playback
     * edit url only on right mouse click
Update 11.12.2016
    * compiled for 060
    * noticeably faster loading
    * reduced binary size by 500kb
Update 4.12.2016
    * fixed youtube conversion
    * updated AGA version
    * updated sources
    * drop ixemul build
    * updated libs:  libcurl 7.51; libssl 1.0.1u
Update 20.11.2016 
    * fixed slowdown bug in noFPU version! (Thanks to Olaf Barthel)
    * added video support for cda.pl
Update 30.10.2016
    * added AWeb and IBrowse frendly links
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.26; libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1
    * added ability to cancel downloading of current file
    * sorted packages as AGA and RTG
Update 11.10.2016
    * Improved youtube video playback
    * Added auto-conversion to mpeg 1 video (see ReadMe for Usage)
    * Replaced wget with builtin download manager
    * Edit url bar with MUI
    * Fixed 'get current content' button 
Update 21.08.2016
    * updated libnsbmp
    * fixed '/' keypress on german keymap
    * fixed netsurf quit with ESC key on urlbar active
    * created separate archive for non-fpu version
Update 16.08.2016
    * updated sources
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.23; libcurl 7.50.1; libssl 1.0.1t
    * reduced memory usage by 5MB (fpu)
Update 31.07.2016
    * updated sources
    * reduced binary size
    * improved truetype/internal font change (fixed layout)
    * added autoplay of SID modules
Update 17.07.2016
    * up to 2 times faster png loading with optimised libz using miniz
    * improved Polish localization (thanks HanSolo)
Update 12.07.2016
    * added Polish localization of Prefs using NetSurf.catalog file
       (feel free to add your native language)
    * fixed clipboard realloc bug
    * faster jpeg loading with libjpeg-turbo 1.5.0
  Release 1.07.2016
    * optimised dithering a bit (thanks matthey)
    * optimised little to big endian conversion
    * replaced buggy libiconv which disabled css on some sites
    * added low quality dithering option
    * fixed scale option bug
    * fixed favourite modifiy bug
    * youtube can be played as mp3 with preffered mp3 player in Prefs
    * updated libsdl to 1.2.15 with optimised parts from sdl 2.0.4
    * changed - download and play mp3 instead of stream
    * reduced binary size


piątek, 29 kwietnia 2016

NetSurf 3.5 Release

    * added MUI Preferences
    * merged bitmap fonts. Now it's possible to choose non ttf fonts in Prefs.
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.21; libcurl 7.48.0; libssl 1.0.1s


piątek, 19 lutego 2016

NetSurf 3.4 Release

    * added autodetect_depth option. [24bit opens on fullscreen in 16bit]
    * added auto playback of modules from modarchive.org and modules.pl
      Supported players Hipoplayer, Eagleplayer, DeliTracker2.  
      If Hip is slow than switch to AHI.
      Set module_player option to player path and
      module_autoplay:1 to enable.
    * enabled javascript. Added new button to turn on/off
    * changed youtube api
    * added stop button
    * added go back/forward mouse buttons support
    * fixed restart action  
    * fixed 100% CPU usage bug

netsurf-os3-clib2.lha (works on MOS and AOS4)

Here are some videos:

All in one on AmiKit X  
Playing mods with netsurf
Streaming mp3
Playing youtube

*clib2 version uses default amiga memory allocation manager. It doesn't handle well many de/allocations netsurf does so memory gets fragmented. That's why it gets longer loading times after browsing some pages. Fixed in 3.6 Dev. of 20.11.2016.


niedziela, 27 września 2015

NetSurf 3.4 Dev 2 (multi version)

    * 3 RTG + 3 AGA versions included: libnix, clib2 and ixemul
    * added Messages translations support
    * added pasting text into search bar
    * added utf8 charset into bookmarks
    * fixed buttons highlighting (more than one stayed highlighted)
    * added scale_aga option to use own website scaling in aga mode
    * implemended resource loading from OS4 version by Chris Young
    * improved options opening and switching to Workbench in AGA version
    * updated to newest sources
    * added warp_mode for clib. Uses 100% cpu for more speed
    * fixed OpenURL handling
    * set default net_player to Ampilfier
    * reenabled disc cache
    * corrected languages names in LangNames
    * created github repository at https://github.com/arczi84/NetSurf-68k

NetSurf-m68k-3.4-Dev2.lha (AGA included)