niedziela, 27 września 2015

NetSurf 3.4 Dev 2 (multi version)

    * 3 RTG + 3 AGA versions included: libnix, clib2 and ixemul
    * added Messages translations support
    * added pasting text into search bar
    * added utf8 charset into bookmarks
    * fixed buttons highlighting (more than one stayed highlighted)
    * added scale_aga option to use own website scaling in aga mode
    * implemended resource loading from OS4 version by Chris Young
    * improved options opening and switching to Workbench in AGA version
    * updated to newest sources
    * added warp_mode for clib. Uses 100% cpu for more speed
    * fixed OpenURL handling
    * set default net_player to Ampilfier
    * reenabled disc cache
    * corrected languages names in LangNames
    * created github repository at

NetSurf-m68k-3.4-Dev2.lha (AGA included)