wtorek, 4 września 2018

NetSurf 3.8

 * Improved: Do not redirect when google search.
 * Fixed adding favourite links.
 * Added quit confirm requester.
 * Fixed https which was broken by previous update as ca-bundle was deleted and not updated!
 * Fixed disappearing cursor when moving out of window.
 * Fixed NetSurf freeze on window move when LimpickClock priority is below 0.
 * Fixed 100% CPU usage.
 * Fixed French keymap.
 * Fixed Restart button in Preferences.
 * Added playback of internet-radio.com radios.
    Choose AminetRadio in mp3 player field under Prefs/Other tab.
 * Update feature speeded up by using compressed exe. Needs unzip in C.
* New user_agent option to set custom one (only in Options file atm).
* Added support for Italian special chars.
* Changed Get Page button to Open File.
* Fixed default download path.
* Updated to newest sources.
* Updated libcurl to 7.61 and SSL Certificates bundle.
* Optimised AES encrypt/decrypt routines with asm by Tetsuya Isaki.
* Updated libjpeg from jfif-44.9 jpeg datatype by Henryk Richter.
* Compiled with FPU support. 040 FPU required.