piątek, 1 lipca 2016

NetSurf 3.6

NetSurf on Amiga with Vampire500 accelerator with Gold 2 WIP core

Update 20.12.2016
     * fixed youtube playback
     * edit url only on right mouse click
Update 11.12.2016
    * compiled for 060
    * noticeably faster loading
    * reduced binary size by 500kb
Update 4.12.2016
    * fixed youtube conversion
    * updated AGA version
    * updated sources
    * drop ixemul build
    * updated libs:  libcurl 7.51; libssl 1.0.1u
Update 20.11.2016 
    * fixed slowdown bug in noFPU version! (Thanks to Olaf Barthel)
    * added video support for cda.pl
Update 30.10.2016
    * added AWeb and IBrowse frendly links
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.26; libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1
    * added ability to cancel downloading of current file
    * sorted packages as AGA and RTG
Update 11.10.2016
    * Improved youtube video playback
    * Added auto-conversion to mpeg 1 video (see ReadMe for Usage)
    * Replaced wget with builtin download manager
    * Edit url bar with MUI
    * Fixed 'get current content' button 
Update 21.08.2016
    * updated libnsbmp
    * fixed '/' keypress on german keymap
    * fixed netsurf quit with ESC key on urlbar active
    * created separate archive for non-fpu version
Update 16.08.2016
    * updated sources
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.23; libcurl 7.50.1; libssl 1.0.1t
    * reduced memory usage by 5MB (fpu)
Update 31.07.2016
    * updated sources
    * reduced binary size
    * improved truetype/internal font change (fixed layout)
    * added autoplay of SID modules
Update 17.07.2016
    * up to 2 times faster png loading with optimised libz using miniz
    * improved Polish localization (thanks HanSolo)
Update 12.07.2016
    * added Polish localization of Prefs using NetSurf.catalog file
       (feel free to add your native language)
    * fixed clipboard realloc bug
    * faster jpeg loading with libjpeg-turbo 1.5.0
  Release 1.07.2016
    * optimised dithering a bit (thanks matthey)
    * optimised little to big endian conversion
    * replaced buggy libiconv which disabled css on some sites
    * added low quality dithering option
    * fixed scale option bug
    * fixed favourite modifiy bug
    * youtube can be played as mp3 with preffered mp3 player in Prefs
    * updated libsdl to 1.2.15 with optimised parts from sdl 2.0.4
    * changed - download and play mp3 instead of stream
    * reduced binary size


piątek, 29 kwietnia 2016

NetSurf 3.5

    * added MUI Preferences
    * merged bitmap fonts. Now it's possible to choose non ttf fonts in Prefs.
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.21; libcurl 7.48.0; libssl 1.0.1s


piątek, 19 lutego 2016

NetSurf 3.4

    * added autodetect_depth option. [24bit opens on fullscreen in 16bit]
    * added auto playback of modules from modarchive.org and modules.pl
      Supported players Hipoplayer, Eagleplayer, DeliTracker2.  
      If Hip is slow than switch to AHI.
      Set module_player option to player path and
      module_autoplay:1 to enable.
    * enabled javascript. Added new button to turn on/off
    * changed youtube api
    * added stop button
    * added go back/forward mouse buttons support
    * fixed restart action  
    * fixed 100% CPU usage bug

netsurf-os3-clib2.lha (works on MOS and AOS4)

Here are some videos:

All in one on AmiKit X  
Playing mods with netsurf
Streaming mp3
Playing youtube

*clib2 version uses default amiga memory allocation manager. It doesn't handle well many de/allocations netsurf does so memory gets fragmented. That's why it gets longer loading times after browsing some pages. Fixed in 3.6 Dev. of 20.11.2016.