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NetSurf 3.1 Development

The only one CSS capable web browser for Amiga OS 3.x .

Bugs can be reported on official BugTracker

This is development version for testing.
If no major bugs are found it will be released to Aminet.


    * updated to newest sources (read changelog for all)
    * streaming video & audio now possible. Left click on link to play mp3 with AmiNetRadio
        (can be changed in Options) or ffplay for videos, ogg files and other formats.
         Right click to download.
    * updated : libcurl 7.36.0
                libssl libcrypto 1.0.1g (fixes heartbleed bug)
                libexpat 2.0.1
                libpng 1.6.10
                libz 1.2.8
    * updated cetificates file ca-bundle
    * more amiga-like text-fields. Taken from AOS4 version by Chris Young
    * favourite labels are now changed right after editing them in Options
    * delete key works now
    * added AGA version
    * removed saving as png (doesn't work anymore)
    * added alternative file download  option
    * added link for http://pici.picidae.net/ as favourite #1.
      This allows to browse pages as image-maps with clickable urls.
      It's useful for slower machines or pages that are not displayed correctly.


       * Added key shortcuts for textarea undo and redo.
       * LibNSFB library (NetSurf Framebuffer):
          + Fixed various memory leaks.
          + Added tiled bitmap rendering support.
          + Improved dithering.


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