wtorek, 31 marca 2015

NetSurf 3.4 Dev (non ixemul)

   Uses 5 MB less RAM, some pages loads faster, no extra libraries needed. 
   Assign "Netsurf:" not needed (works right after unpacking). 
   Disc cache is disabled (was crashing)
   Simple but usable user interface.
   Non truetype version included (uses built-in fonts).
   AGA version not included.


   Slows down after 5 first pages.
Confilicting programs:
   TLSFmem (Black window)

Tested on WinUAE on AmiKit/Aros Vision/AmigaSYS and ClassicWbP96. 

Most options are explained in Resources/AllOptions file.

   Open netsurf folder in CLI/Shell and run Netsurf with '-v' parameter. Send output to my e-mail or put comment here.

  • Update: No need to move mouse anymore (hack)
  • Update2: Fixed 100% CPU usage
  • Update3: Fixed and improved youtube autoplay


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