piątek, 19 lutego 2016

NetSurf 3.4

    * added autodetect_depth option. [24bit opens on fullscreen in 16bit]
    * added auto playback of modules from modarchive.org and modules.pl
      Supported players Hipoplayer, Eagleplayer, DeliTracker2.  
      If Hip is slow than switch to AHI.
      Set module_player option to player path and
      module_autoplay:1 to enable.
    * enabled javascript. Added new button to turn on/off
    * changed youtube api
    * added stop button
    * added go back/forward mouse buttons support
    * fixed restart action  
    * fixed 100% CPU usage bug

netsurf-os3-clib2.lha (works on MOS and AOS4)

Here are some videos:

All in one on AmiKit X  
Playing mods with netsurf
Streaming mp3
Playing youtube

*clib2 version uses default amiga memory allocation manager. It doesn't handle well many de/allocations netsurf does so memory gets fragmented. That's why it gets longer loading times after browsing some pages. Fixed in 3.6 Dev. of 20.11.2016.


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